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Mass walkouts against vaccine mandates begin NOW: November 8 - 11…

• Natural News - Mike Adams

 (Natural News) Global mass walkouts have begun today in protest against unconstitutional vaccine mandates. The peaceful protest continues for four days, through Nov. 11th, and participants are asked to remain peaceful, avoid bringing weapons of any kind to such protests, and to film everything in order to document attempted false flag operations by deep state saboteurs.

The world is pushing back hard against criminal governments that now seem to be engaged in acts of medical terrorism against their own citizens. With post-vaccine deaths now skyrocketing in Emergency Rooms across the USA and the world, it's becoming increasingly clear to millions of people that the vaccines are depopulation weapons being deployed against humanity.

See this presentation by Dr. David Martin for more details on the medical treason being committed against humanity: (audio level is low in the original video)

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