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Will Artificial Intelligence Create A Socialist Paradise?

•, by Tyler Durden

Victor Shvets believes computing power has caught up and "technology could soon create an environment where state planning might be able to deliver acceptable economic results while simultaneously suppressing societal and individual freedoms." Mr. Shvets has worked all over the world as an investment banker and has now put down his dystopian ideas of the future in the book The Great Rupture: Three Empires, Four Turning Points, and the Future of Humanity. 

Shvets admits history tells us freedom equals productivity, prosperity, and happiness, while Soviet-style planning creates criminality, corruption, and starvation.

His use of Soviet "good intentions" makes a reader wonder as to his naïveté. 

The author believes that by 2030 artificial intelligence (AI) "will replace most research functions and go beyond that by anticipating changes and making discoveries."

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