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VIDEOS: Was Hurricane Ian's Destructive Path Aided by OUR OWN GOVERNMENT?

•, By Dean Garrison

For those of you who aren't familiar with my writings I am one of those people who constantly looks for answers. Here is a recent example:

As of 2020 The Pakistani Government Was Still Implying That a Sandy Hook Victim Was Killed Again in Peshawar

I don't always find answers but I am unafraid to ask the questions that need to be asked. I am labeled a "conspiracy theorist" for that but I prefer to think of myself as a truth seeker. I rarely get absolute proof but I know enough to know that not everything is exactly as it seems. Here's another recent example:

33 Must Read But Heavily Censored Stories Featuring The TRUTH About 9/11: Dancing Israelis, Saudi Role, Tower 7, Censored Witnesses and More…

(Note: both the Sandy Hook and 9/11 links will open in new windows so you can continue reading about "Ian" and look at those later.)

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