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UFO sightings in America: Report reveals which states have most 'alien' encounters

• by Chris Melore

A new poll finds most Americans believe the answer is yes — and they're already paying our planet regular visits! A survey of more than 1,000 Americans finds that a staggering 78 percent believe in the existence of aliens.

As far as alien conspiracies go, one in three believe aliens have abducted human beings in the past. Another 37 percent think U.S. scientists and officials have already made contact with alien life.

Whether you believe humans have met aliens or not, the country is evenly split on whether these visitors "come in peace." Exactly 50 percent say they believe extraterrestrials are friendly, while the other half think aliens are currently planning our eventual destruction! That may be why one in four say they're actually scared by the idea that aliens exist and one in six fear there will be an alien invasion in the future.

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