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What's Wrong With Woke


As Thomas Sowell wrote, when discussing history Marx displayed a stunning intellect, so much so that a good portion of Marx's thinking had become part of the intellectual apparatus of every thinking person. Yet in addition (Sowell wrote):

"Much of the intellectual legacy of Marx is an anti-intellectual legacy. It has been said that you cannot refute a sneer. Marxism has taught many – inside and outside its ranks – to sneer at capitalism, at inconvenient facts or contrary interpretations, and thus to sneer at the intellectual process itself. This has been one of the sources of its enduring strength as a political doctrine, and as a means of acquiring and using political power in unbridled ways."

– Marxism: Philosophy & Economics (Thomas Sowell, 1985)

Sadly, this anti-intellectualism weds the woke to policy prescriptions which generally fail in two ways:

by generating unanticipated outcomes that overwhelm their stated goals;

by assuming as context a State so expansive that freedom could not persist.