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California leaving? San Bernardino county votes to study secession from the state and forming...

•, By Associated Press

An advisory ballot proposal, known as Measure EE, approved in San Bernardino County with a majority of 51.26 percent, home to 2.2 million people, directs local officials to study the possibility of secession. 

It's unlikely to actually occur as any secession plan would need the approval of the California Legislature and Congress, both of which are held by the Democratic Party who oppose secession. 

A passing of the bill asks the county's representatives to 'study and advocate for all options to obtain the county's fair share of state funding, including secession from the State of California.'

A real estate mogul from the area, Jeff Burum told Newsweek that the measure was passed because the state has not done enough to deal with a rising population. 

San Bernardino residents are also upset with the distribution of federal and state funds for the populous county.