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The End of Western Rehypothecation- Pozsar Style

• Zero Hedge - Tyler Durden


This was written on December 26th for GoldFix subscribers and was unlocked because it may be too important to keep under wraps. This is parts 2 and 3 of a premium post. Part one was shared with ZeroHedge readers Dec 27th (link at bottom). Last night we read ZeroHedge's 5800 word analysis and explanation of Pozsar's Dec 27th missive on rehypothecation. We strongly recommend you read it after this (many GoldFix Founders are also ZH premium subscribers) Then we strongly recommend you subscribe if you want to stay anywhere near the curve as this unfolds more. We can't sugar coat it. But we've been watching this unfold for years, and at some point it will accelerate greatly. That's when someone will be needed to make sense of the moving parts quickly. We recommend you find someone soon. If not GoldFix or ZH, then someone who speaks your language. It's no joke.- VBL

Put a fork in rehypothecation as a tool of financial leverage to generate outsized returns by G7 nations using BRICS resources. It's done.

1. WHAT: is Zoltan's Gold-mageddon

2. WHY: is it the death of rehypothecation

3. HOW: Will futures markets react

4. WHAT-IF: It can be stopped

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