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Congress's 4,155-Page Omnibus Bill Is a Symbol of American Decadence

•, Lauren Reiff

On December 20th a handful of Republican senators shuffled before an audience of reporters prepared to issue fiery polemics on the year-end omnibus bill which sat, heavy and ponderous in all its eight-ream absurdity on a wheeled cart before the five-senator assemblage.

"DANGER: $1.7 trillion of hazardous debt" read one of the mock-hazard signs decking the cart. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul declared the bill an "abomination," while Utah Senator Mike Lee skewered the unseemly pressures to freeze it into law by proclaiming the process "legislative barbarism."

Every year it happens with textbook repetition: Washington politicians procrastinate in releasing a colossal expense prospectus for the following year which unfailingly runs thousands of pages, requests billions of dollars, and is granted mere hours of scrutiny before being thrust to a congressional vote. The process is riddled with partisan intimidations and shrewd slandering. Democratic politicians trot out folksy pleas about supporting struggling Americans, to which, naturally, passing the bill is postured to achieve. Most Republicans cave to its smothering inevitability; a minority bitterly protest. 

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The answer is simple. Whatever moneys are set to be spent on government whatever, triple the number, and spread two-thirds of the final number evenly among American citizens, illegals not included.

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