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Refuse to Comply With Unconstitutional Laws

•, By Andrew Wallace

There is but one way to stop this madness, short of revolution, and that is for the people to grow some balls and refuse to comply with all the unconstitutional laws! If you refuse to obey, they can't govern. It is that simple. Remember, they rule with the barrel of a gun, so it will be scary. But the alternative is either a bloody civil war or a lifetime of poverty and servitude.

You must know that your Enemy is the Parasitic Super-Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) and their Communist minions in 'Woke' Corporations, Education, Government, and Military Flag Officers. They control everything, and own most of it. They are responsible for the murder of millions of innocent people in the last 75 years in no-win wars for profit, and they used your money to do it! These are brutal people with no conscience.

If you refuse to obey unconstitutional laws, our Founding Documents will support your actions. The criminals in government acting under the "color of law" have no such lawful backing, but they do have the guns. But we have many times more!

You must know that the Federal Government has no powers in the states, unless they are included in the Limited and Enumerated Powers in our Constitution under Article 1, Section 8. These Enumerated Powers are Defense, Immigration, Commerce , Money, Foreign Relations, Uniform Commercial System, and Post Office.

You should immediately see that a majority of Federal Laws are unconstitutional in the states, and many are usurpation of state powers. This federal concentration of powers started with President Lincoln, resulting in more power and graft for the PSRRC of those times.

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