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The Little Affronts

• by Eric

This being, fundamentally what "government" is all about. The power to tax being the power to take. And only government has the legal power to take – and call it not-stealing. Well, excepting the big insurance and pharmaceutical corporations that have acquired the power to use the government to take our money.

But it's the smaller affronts we often don't even notice that bleed us whiter – because they are smaller and because most of them are unavoidable. You do not have to earn a lot of income – and can in fact deliberately earn less in order to pay less in the way of income taxes.

But everyone has to eat. And most of us need to drive. As to work – and so earn money on which we are said to "owe" taxes.

Here's just one example as regards what it costs us to drive. Or – rather -w hat it costs to possess the thing without which one cannot drive. That being a vehicle.