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Here's What Happens to Society When the System Fails

• Organic Prepper - by Fabian Ommar

When the system begins to fail, society can quickly crumble. Two such events have occurred recently.

Let's reflect on the Brumadinho mining dam disaster and see about the recent cartel attack in Culiacán, Mexico, in order to discuss how these kinds of events can affect our daily lives, particularly during times of crisis.

In his work, Selco explains what occurs to individuals and society as a whole when the system completely fails. He's unmatched and possibly one of the greatest sources to look at because of how effectively his blunt and honest style is to convey the drama and urgency of the unthinkable

I haven't experienced a civil war, but I can speak about other SHTFs, such as Thirdworldization, or crime that occurs when a crisis arises.

The recent events in Mexico serve as the ideal illustration.

The Brazilian uprising of January 8th took place as I was just beginning to write about it, so the immediacy of the situation took priority.

However, here's the quick rundown: 

The Sinaloa Cartel launched a significant offensive against the Mexican government and military in the first week of January in response to the detention of their leader.

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Comment by PureTrust
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All this article says is that almost all governments start out as rebelling groups. The drug cartels in Mexico are governments that often offer the Mexican citizens in their areas of operation, government-like peace and protection, even when they are harsh with their people. Drug cartels are governments. If they weren't, they could not be as organized as they are. Same with all the countries. The only difference is the quality of their organizations, the various governments. USA quality is going down. You can see by all the election corruption.