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Memo to Minions: You will be allowed to eat crickets to save the climate says EU

• by Jo Nova

Europeans now also allowed to eat cricket powder and small mealworms

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The European Commission declares new insect products safe for consumption. So from Tuesday, powdered house crickets and the small mealworm will also be allowed in food.

Back in February last year, the European Union announced that three species of insects would henceforth be allowed for human consumption: the migratory spider cricket, the yellow mealworm and the house cricket. Now the European Commission is adding several more insect products to the authorised list…

Insects, they tell us, are "highly nutritious" in a vague non-specific way that does not list a single nutrient which we can't get enough of at the moment. Instead the main, "unique" selling point is that if we eat crickets we might slow storms eighty years from now:

Insects are also seen as part of the transition to a more environmentally friendly and plant-based food system. The creatures emit less greenhouse gases, have a lot less water and arable land, and convert food into protein much more efficiently than traditional sources of meat.

Ponder that this is yet another vested industry — dependent on the broken climate models. Another cheer squad for carbon taxes.

Cricket Flour could turn up anywhere:

European Union Approves Cricket Powder As Component Of Flour-Based Foods Despite 'Inconclusive' Allergy Data

Daily Wire

Cricket powder will now be permitted in a number of food products, such as multigrain bread, crackers, cereal bars, biscuits, beer-like beverages, chocolates, sauces, whey powder, soups, and other items "intended for the general population," according to the new regulation.

Get ready: It doesn't need to have specific labeling because we aren't absolutely sure if it will kill people yet:

Because evidence linking cricket powder to allergic reactions is "inconclusive," the European Commission decided that no specific labeling requirements should be included in the EU list of authorized novel foods, according to the regulation.

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