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16 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Going To Be "Just Fine"

• by Michael Snyd

 In fact, CNN is actually scolding those of us that are warning that economic conditions are rapidly deteriorating.  A CNN article entitled "It's time to chill with all the recession talk" is boldly declaring that the economic optimists were correct and that what our leaders are doing is working.  Of course that is music to Joe Biden's ears, because he is trying very hard to convince all of us that the policies of his administration have the U.S. economy moving in the right direction.  Of course you will never hear Biden share any of the numbers that I am about to share with you.  The following are 16 signs that the U.S. economy is going to be "just fine"…

#1 74 percent of Americans believe that interest rates will go even higher in the next six months.