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Why Did RVillage Shut Down so Suddenly?

• by Mike Wendland

On March 1, 2023, RVillage announced to its members – pretty much out of the blue – that it will close on March 31, 2023. The shutdown includes its website, apps, and support.

There was little warning, though industry cynics say it's another example of what happens when a moderately successful company gets gobbled up by a big corporation looking to get what it can from the acquisition and then cast it away.

In this case, what the new owner of RVillage got was a massive membership list.

Let's back up. First, RVillage is a social network designed for the RV community. Curtis Coleman founded the company in 2014 as an RVer's alternative to Facebook.

But in 2020, Coleman sold RVillage to Togo group, which is, in turn, is owned by Thor Industries.

Under Togo, RVillage was immediately bundled into a suite of Roadpass Digital Apps that center around trip planning tools. Now, RVillage is shutting down.