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'Americans won't forget what their government did to them' during pandemic

• By Nick Murray

Most Americans are likely pleased that when they turn on their television, no longer are there talking heads and public health figures breathlessly discussing COVID-19 case counts and deaths. Broadly, the media as a whole is no longer incessantly reporting on the topic, and nationally, the federal public health emergency declared for the COVID-19 pandemic terminates on May 11.

While the old signs of the pandemic have virtually vanished, Americans won't forget what their governments did to them.

Widespread business closures crippled entire industries, forced people into unemployment and massively disrupted supply chains, all of which contributed to the boom of inflation we've experienced (in addition to printing trillions out of thin air).

There were also school closures across the country that needlessly disrupted the schooling of the next generation, robbing them of their education and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like graduation, sporting events and senior proms.

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