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US Govt Drops Nuclear Bomb On Their Own Credibility By Allowing 'Biden Crime Family' -

• By Stefan Stanford

According to, a 'Freudian Slip' is an inadvertent mistake in speech or writing that is thought to reveal a person's unconscious motives, wishes, or attitudes, with such 'slip-ups' giving the listener or reader a much better view of that speaker or writers' TRUE motives, wishes, attitudes and thoughts, than the words they normally 'babble,' and America and the entire world recently got a perfect example of a 'Freudian Slip' in action that WOULD lead to prosecutions and maybe even executions if there were still any REAL JUSTICE left in America. 

While we'd reported on ANP back on March 22nd that the Communist overthrow of America had all but been completed under the vacuous imbecile in the White House and his anti-America deals with China that enriched members of his own family, crimes of treason that might have even seen biden's neck at the end of a 20' rope or in a guillotine if they occurred in a different country or generation, we get more proof that what we'd reported was absolutely correct in this new Daily Mail story reporting 'slimebucket biden,' while giving a speech to Canada's parliament, 'accidentally' thanked China instead of Canada, a full-scale Freudian Slip in front of the entire world's eyes and ears.

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Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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Who cares? Nobody is going to prosecute anybody without the approval of Big Business. Why not? Because Big Business can hire snipers who can shoot sniper rifles accurately over 1 mile. If judges and prosecutors don't do what Big Business says, they can be easily taken out.