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Scientists Are Preparing to Create a Traversable Quantum Wormhole

•, By Becky Ferreira

A physicist has proposed a mind-blowing experiment that could potentially create the first-ever traversable wormhole, meaning a real bridge across spacetime, reports a new study. 

In addition to demonstrating that wormholes can exist, the speculative technique could open up entirely new windows into the nature of reality by offering a glimpse inside these bizarre spacetime tunnels, and enable a form of teleportation that researchers call "counterportation." 

Wormholes are hypothetical structures that can connect two points in spacetime, a feature that makes them especially popular in science fiction stories that include faster-than-light travel. But wormholes have also been a topic of serious scientific research for a century, as they appear to be consistent with Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity. 

While researchers have made recent breakth??roughs with simulated (or "holographic") wormholes, nobody has ever generated a real one in the laboratory, or identified one in the cosmos.

Now, Hatim Salih, a quantum physicist and honorary research fellow at the University of Bristol's Quantum Engineering Technology Labs, has presented a potential roadmap toward achieving this long-sought goal.