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The No.1 Sex Expert: How To Have Great Sex EVERY Time! (And Fix Bad Sex) - Tracey Cox | E247

•, The Diary Of A CEO


0:00 Intro
03:04 Who are you?
04:39 Why do people have sexless relationships? 
08:31 Do we have to stay in shape for our partners? 
13:10 How do we talk about sex?
21:08 What do I do if my partner does't want to try new things?
22:38 What do we do in sexless relationships? 
34:09 Is porn damaging? 
41:44 AI sex robots
45:55 Can we turn the sex recession around? 
49:01 How to boost body self-esteem 
01:02:27 Are sexless relationships unhappy?
01:08:16 The most common question you get asked 
01:10:42 What makes the most compatible couples?
01:11:30 Sex drives between the sexes 
01:12:39 How bad are kids for our sex lives?
01:16:05 Men and women labido 
01:22:12 What's the problem with the modern dating world?
01:31:20 What is sex?
01:34:33 The last guest's question