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AI & the WEF: You Should Be Very Worried

• By Devvy Kidd

 As much as I know about what's going on for the past three decades, I knew little about AI other than reading an article here and there, but I soon realized the reader was being brainwashed into believing it's all for the 'common good'.  Becoming a cyborg where my brain is integrated with a computer sounded like science fiction until I did more serious reading.

Do a search and you'll get the first ten offerings from only the prostitute media sites (CNN, MSNBC, Reuter's, etc.) promoting it as the newest great wonder of the world.  One has to keep going to find web sites that are trying to warn Americans.  They also declare anyone opposing AI as conspiracy nuts.

Are there benefits using AI for mankind?  Yes, some.  But, like all technology, it can and is being used and abused to destroy us as human beings.

Top AI researchers and CEOs warn against 'risk of extinction' in 22-word statement, May 30, 2023 – "A group of top AI researchers, engineers, and CEOs have issued a new warning about the existential threat they believe that AI poses to humanity.