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The Nephilm and annuki

• arclein

We are overdue to address these memes been bandied about in the Alt universe. What we do know is that the human anti diluvium civilization occupying the continental shelf ended with the pleistocene impact of around 12900 BP. After things settled down post Ice Age which took at least 2000 years of melting, several colonies were established with what i will specify as agricultural man. At the same time primatives were also established to fan out and populate the globe lightly. they may well have survived the impact itself. these colonies had human leaders able to live centuries and this brought us into sumerian times while actually maintaining records as well. We are describing a span of around five thousand years at most before we started getting cities.

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The Bible is by far the clearest written history of the world that we have. The Septuagint, the oldest Old Testament that we have complete, says the earth is about 7,500 years old. Josephus (34-101AD) took records from Hebrew OTs, and shows that the earth is about 7,500 years old. | The second sentence in the Bible, right after creation, reads, "Now, the earth was formless and empty." The word 'was' in Hebrew is found translated 'became' all over the OT. This suggests that the earth had been destroyed in its form before the OT first day. | God created light in the first day. Material is made up of electromagnetic particle/waves as is light. This means that either light had been somehow destroyed before the first day, or that the electromagnetic spectrum was different back then. | What this all means is that physics may have been different before the first day, and that there is no way we can appropriately apply the idea of "time." Earth/universe age, totally unknowable.