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New Study Reveals Hospitalized Newborn Babies Are Adversely Affected by Continuous Wireless...

•, By B.N. Frank

There's been no indication anywhere in the world that cell phones and/or other screens are being put inside the cribs of hospitalized newborn babies yet.  Nevertheless, these wee ones are still being exposed to wireless radiation from hospital Wi-Fi networks, nearby cell towers and antennas, and perhaps wireless sources being used or worn by staff.  Given that research has already determined that exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) – including from sources of wireless radiation – is biologically harmful AND that children are more vulnerable to it, the results of this new study can't be a big surprise.

From Environmental Health Trust:

New Study: Wireless Radiation Impacts Sleep in Hospitalized Newborns

Research supported by The French National Research Program for Environmental and Occupational Health found impacts from chronic wireless  radiation frequency RF-EMF on the sleep of hospitalized  preterm newborns.

Continuous measurements of RF-EMF levels were performed in 29 hospitalized preterm newborns throughout the first 21 days after birth.

The main chronic effect found was an increase in indeterminate sleep with RF-EMF exposure. At the highest exposure levels, an increase in RF-EMF levels increased sleep fragmentation. No significant relationship was found between acute (short term) RF-EMF levels and sleep parameters.

The authors concluded, " Despite no consolidated disruption in sleep structure, this study is the first to show that some sleep parameters seem to have a certain sensitivity to chronic – but not acute – RF-EMF exposure in preterm newborns. Further studies are needed to confirm our results and examine possible mid- to long-term, sleep-related cardiorespiratory and neurodevelopmental outcomes."