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"Day X Is Here": Julian Assange Final Appeal Set For February

•, Via Consortium News

Assange's wife Stella Assange confirmed that the hearing will take place at the Royal Courts of Justice. Assange had had an earlier request to appeal rejected by High Court Judge Jonathan Swift on June 6. 

Assange then filed an application to appeal that decision and the dates have now been set.  Assange is seeking to challenge both the home secretary's decision to extradite him as well as to cross appeal the decision by the lower court judge, Vanessa Baraitser.

Baraitser had ruled in January 2021 to release Assange from Belmarsh Prison and deny the U.S. request for extradition based on Assange's mental health, his propensity to commit suicide and conditions of U.S. prisons. On every point of law, however, Baraitser sided with the United States. 

The US appealed her decision, issuing "diplomatic assurances" that Assange would not be mistreated in prison.  The High Court, after a two-day hearing in March 2022, accepted those "assurances" and rejected Assange's appeal.

His application to the UK Supreme Court to hear the case was then denied. Assange then applied for a new appeal of Baraitser's legal decisions and the home secretary's extradition order. 

Swift rejected Assange's 150-page argument in a three-page ruling. The appeal of that decision will now take place in February. [WATCH: Assange Appeal — The US-UK Deception]

If convicted under the World War I-era Espionage Act, the WikiLeaks publisher and journalist is facing up to 175 years in a US dungeon for publishing classified material revealing crimes by the US state, including war crimes. 

Assange was also charged with conspiracy to commit computer intrusion, though the indictment against him does not accuse him of stealing U.S. documents or even of helping his source, Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, to do so.