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Bitcoin Rising: Price Surge in 2024?


After all, I'm not a member of Congress, and so don't enjoy the perk of insider trading with impunity.

What I'm saying is that I know what I don't know, to paraphrase Socrates.

In other words, I know about as much as investing as your standard CNBC pundit, fully untethered from reality and screaming uninformed opinions into the camera with full unearned confidence.

That said — and please take that caveat to heart; I wouldn't want to be held responsible for dispensing financial advice — current indicators suggest 2024 might be a boon for Bitcoin, with some even suggesting a return to its all-time high against the dollar of just under $70,000, up from its current valuation of around $45,000.

Via Bloomberg (emphasis added):

Bitcoin is on course to advance for a fifth straight month in what would be the token's longest such winning streak since a pandemic-era rally oiled by easy money.

The largest digital asset has risen about 2% in January, a month of pronounced swings sparked by the rollout of the first US spot Bitcoin exchanged-traded funds and shifting views on the outlook for monetary policy.

A run of five straight monthly gains would be the longest since a six-month stretch spanning October 2020 to March 2021, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

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However, notice how this latest jump follows right on the heels of Tucker releasing his Putin interview.