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Interview 1867 - Soros, Tucker and WW3 on The Ochelli Effect

• James Corbett - The Corbett Report

via The Ochelli Effect: Chuck spoke with James to pick his brain about where the media and the associated Racket of War are currently and the future of the industrial complex that seems to be more unified than the one-party American system.

A few notes on the many clown cars pulling up to the arena of public observation are covered in this discussion.

James is one of the last men standing in what was once a huge independent media landscape that has been absorbed into the current composite matrix of media. If you haven't encountered James Corbett before now, we wish to welcome you to the other side of the information-looking glass.

Israel, Ukraine, and Discount Anderson Cooper Failure (AKA Tucker The New Alt Media Darling Carlson) are also included as points of interest.


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