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Tesla Cybertruck Is the Top Selling Electric Truck Starting This Week

•, by Brian Wang

The figure of 1000 per week (aka 4100 per month) is enough to outsell both the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Rivian R1T. The combined weekly sales of the Ford F-150 Lighting (500-700 per week) and the Rivian R1T (less than 300 per week) is 800-1000 per week.

The Tesla Model Y is the top selling car model of any type in the world.

This was an easy thing to do because the previous best selling electric truck only sold 24000 in 2023 and 4800 in the first two months of 2024. The Ford F-150 was at 500 per week last year and is at 500-700 per week this year. Ford has the stated goal of 1600 per week in 2024 but they are cutting most of their F-150 Lightning workforce from 2100 to 700.

The Rivian R1T ended 2023 with about 1100 sales per month (less than 300 per week).

Rivian had almost 4000 total sales per month but 70-80% of those are the R1S electric SUV.