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Off-grid couple who fled mainstream society to live on a houseboat deep in the lawless Louisiana...


A couple who live on a houseboat in the deep Louisiana swamp has lifted the lid on what it's really like to reside on the bayou - from being surrounded by alligators to having to hunt rodents to eat.

Peter Santenello, 45, a popular US-based filmmaker, recently spent the day with Tara and Keith Gaudet - a couple who call the Louisiana marshland their home - and documented the entire thing for his YouTube channel.

The pair not only showed Peter how they survived while living in the extremely remote area, which can't even be accessed by car, only by boat, but they also spoke out about the highs and lows that come with their lifestyle - which included not being worried about crime but having to hunt and gather their own food.

The video began with Peter traveling to Tara and Keith's abode by taking a water vessel down the bayou.