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Thousands in West Virginia struck down by 'mystery' tick-borne disease that's suffered b


(Publisher's Note: Ahhhhh, So that's what is wrong with them... NOT THAT VACCINE THING?)

Experts have raised the alarm about the growing threat of tick-borne Lyme disease, as cases begin to soar with rising temperatures. 

In West Virginia, one county's health department has warned that the state is currently seeing hundreds of cases of the condition, compared to a handful a few years ago.

The department administrator Howard Gamble told local news outlets that patients must see a healthcare professional 'if a tick has bit you and it is embedded into your skin.'

Statewide, cases reached 1,052 last year — and are expected to surge to similar levels this year. Just a decade ago, there were barely 300 cases a year.

This year, Lyme disease cases have already surged to record levels in North Eastern states including New York and Massachusetts.

Emergency room visits for tick bites hit 69 per 100,000 ER visits in March, the highest rate ever recorded for the month and well above the average of 43 visits at this time for the previous seven years.

Ticks also emerged earlier than normal this year, with bites reported in New Hampshire and Minnesota as early as February — well ahead of April when the critters normally emerge.

Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria that is transmitted when someone is bitten by an infected tick that are prevalent in grassy and wooded areas.

It initially causes a characteristic bullseye rash around the bite site, and without treatment can lead to nerve damage, heart problems, fatigue and personality changes.