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Chilling moment four UFOs are captured on high speed camera as scientists investigate...


Never-before-seen footage has exposed a possible 'portal' on the haunted ranch, where the team has witnessed a mutilated cow who died under mysterious circumstances.

The video, released by The History Channel in a new episode of 'The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch,' features a team of scientists investigating the 512-acre ranch, long known for its paranormal and UFO-related activities. 

Among the eerie sightings, the team observed what appeared to be a possible portal on the ranch.  

During the investigation, Erik and Travis, two scientists on the team, were amazed as they observed four UFO's on the high-speed camera. 

'Now, one of the things that stands out - Look, there's something,' Erik, a scientist on the team said. 'It looks like there's something under it. Moving with it.' 

Travis, another scientist, chimed in: 'And then what's this thing at the bottom coming up?' 

'You see what's happening here? Yeah, you got three things on the camera ... Four things! There's one over here,' Erik added. 

The four unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), were described as rectangular with dark tops and light bottoms, moving swiftly and independently of each other - defying typical aircraft movements.

'There's something here. And as you let it move forward, you can see they're moving. And they're not necessarily moving together,' Travis said. 

'Right - but they're moving at about., said Erik. 'So we've got four things. It never changes its appearance. It always seems to be this rectangular, dark-on-top, light-on-bottom.'