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Wealthy Texas enclave steps up secession bid as feud with woke city leaders over crime...


A wealthy Austin neighborhood has 'given the finger' to the state's capital and voted en masse to leave the city amid a spiraling crime crisis. 

Lost Creek, a rich enclave in the west side of Austin, saw an overwhelming majority of 91 percent of residents vote to break away from the city during a May 4 election. 

Many never wanted to be part of City of Austin to begin with when it was annexed nine years ago in 2015.

But as Democrat-run Texas capital faces a public safety crisis - with a shortfall of nearly 500 police officers - tempers have reached boiling point and many residents believe they'd be better off on their own. 

'What an FU to the Mayor and Council of Austin,' tweeted local retired judge and attorney Bill Aleshire on election night.

And Lost Creek is not alone, with two other neighborhoods also voting to leave the city this month. 

Austin became the poster child for America's thriving Sunbelt during the pandemic, with property prices soaring. It is now the fifth most expensive metro area in the US.

But residents are increasingly concerned about soaring crime. 

Leslie Odom, who has lived in Lost Creek for 13 years, told KVUE: 'When I chose to buy my property and to live in this area it's because I wanted a safe place'.

But now she explained: 'Break-ins are normal. Car break-ins are normal. People are showing up in garages. Sometimes it feels like a powder keg waiting to blow.'

When Lost Creek became a part of Austin in 2015, residents who owned multi-million dollar homes became City of Austin taxpayers.