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Elite's Frustration With Meme Nullification


In the end, this is probably the last major spike of news attention for Andrew Wakefield. Sure, in his new role as spokesperson for a consortium of vaccines-cause-autism organizations, he will get in the news again. And there will be at least one more BMJ article. But, what else is there? His research efforts even before he was let go by Thoughtful House were unimpressive to say the least (remember the Monkey study that used 2 controls and claimed that unvaccinated infant monkey brains shouldn't grow, but the vaccinated ones should?). Perhaps he will be a study author on the Generation Rescue "vaccinated/unvaccinated" study. Even that won't gain him the notoriety of his Lancet paper. With the paper debunked, his ethical violations in pursuing that paper and others proven by the GMC hearing and, now, the entire effort described as fraudulent, what's left? Not much. – LeftBrain RightBrain

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