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FBI Mafia bust nets more than 100 who are being held in an Army base

• NY Daily News

Federal authorities have arrested more than 100 members and associates of organized crime Thursday in a sweeping crackdown on the city's five Mafia families.

The gangsters, including the current acting Colombo boss who hails from Rhode Island,  are charged with racketeering, murder and a slew of other crimes in multiple indictments that will be unsealed in Broooklyn Federal Court.

Federal agents carried out the takedown beginning yesterday in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey.

The defendants are being held in the brig at Fort Hamilton until they are arraigned later today in court.


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Comment by tittiger
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Spot on! The government does not like competition.

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

You don't arrest the boss, Hugo.

Oh wait, silly me, that was your point. ;-)

Comment by Anonymous
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 The Government can't stand competition.

Comment by Hugo Tellez
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 I want to see a headline that reads " FBI arrested more than 1000 criminal bankers " most from the mega banks of course..... :  )