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Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator

Eleven different U.S. silver coins can be selected in this calculator. The "Quantity" field expects number of coins to be measured (e.g. 20 dimes), and the live 24-hour silver price is the default value for silver price. You're free to change the silver price if you want to see what a certain coin would be worth at a different value. This page is also accessible by using (if you want to get there quickly).

» Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator

Base Metal Coin Melt Value Calculator

Ten different circulating U.S. coins can be selected in this calculator. The "Coin Dollar Total" field expects the face value total of the coin you're trying to measure (e.g. $10.00 in quarters). The results page will tell you how much metal value is in your coin value total and pound weight of each metal.

» Base Metal Coin Value Calculator


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The US Silver Coin Melt Calculator lets you determine the value of silver within circulating coins quickly and easily. Simply enter the quantity of coins in the yellow boxes, adjust the silver spot price (if you wish), or even the default bid/ask spread percentage. The Silver Coin Calculator does all the rest!

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