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Gen. McChrystal pleads for national service program in Newsweek


The concept of national service is not new, nor is it outdated. When America needs it, national service is the personal obligation of every American. And she needs it now.

All of us bear an obligation to serve—an obligation that goes beyond paying taxes, voting, or adhering to the law. America is falling short in endeavors that occur far away from any battlefield: education, science, politics, the environment, and cultivating leadership, among others.

Without a sustained focus on these foundations of our society, America’s long-term security and prosperity are at risk.

We live in a nation of rights, and jealously defend them.


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Comment by PureTrust
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McChrystal is correct in his thinking about that personal service is the obligation of every American. It is our duty. It is our desire. The question is, "What is personal service?"

Isn't personal service, as indicated by our nation's founding documents, and listed in the Declaration of Independence, "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness?"

So, if we the people, in our pursuit of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, deem it wise to hand over our lives to a bunch of Government and military Dictators who can't make it on their own in the world... who need our support as slaves under their control... then this our personal service is the only way we can go.

But, heed this warning. If we once completely make the move to an imaginary Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness that we think must be found in slavery to Dictators (and haven't we almost gone that way already?), there probably won't be any turning back this side of complete chaotic lawless Government overthrow.

Personally, I would rather get rid of all the laws that are removing our freedom. And I would do it in my personal-service way, one that gives and guarantees to me "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Comment by Temper Bay
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I and my children should give service, and possibly our health, fortunes, and lives, to a Government that tortures, that assinates its own citizens without due process, that wages illegal wars, that bombs, mutilates, and kills innocents - including women and children, to a nation that lies to its citizens, that puts them in harms way without warning, who conducts nuclear, biological, and chemical expiraments on its citizens without their permission or knowledge, that arrests and imprisons without warrant or trial?   I think McChrystal can go pound sand - with a sharp pencil.

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