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Janet Napolitano Swears She’s Got the Borders Covered!

Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of Homeland Defense is living a life of fantasy and dreams. When the Panty Bomber was taken down by PASSENGERS on the plane, she said, “The system worked”. And just last month, she said that DHS has been relentless and effective in dealing with the Arizona – Mexico border, when in fact the number of pursuits of criminal illegal aliens has tripled in the past two years. And, on January 04, 2011 we at DRS and reported that she and the DHS announced that they have already sent 25 border patrol agents to Afghanistan and that by the end of this year that number could reach 65 or more. At that time, Ms. Napolitano said she hoped to leave Afghanistan with an appreciation of what “skill sets” are most needed there – “and to make sure that’s included in the next wave of individuals that we (Department of Homeland Security) send over.”...

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