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The Tentacles of George Soros and His “Open Society” Network

For years George Soros chose to remain out of the limelight although he has quietly managed to successfully (for him) and negatively (for countries targeted) affect governments all over the world. For the Hungarian-born billionaire turned wealthy philanthropist, he is obsessed with cunningly wreaking havoc in countries such as Serbia, Kosovo, Thailand, and Malaysia. Soros was the cause behind the day known as Black Wednesday in 1992 when the Euro in Great Britain crashed, devaluing the pound sterling. This crash earned Soros a billion dollars in one day. Charged with insider trading, France convicted him in 2005 with a fine of $2.8 billion for attempting to purchase 95,000 shares of the French Bank, Societe Generale. Is Soros a philanthropist or does he simply desire to be king of the world?