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In a System Based On Lies Why Would You Believe the Numbers?

If you want a clear picture of how the US works today, all you need to do is look at the latest budget “showdown.” We have Congress debating over $30+ billion in spending at a time when the Federal Reserve is printing $100 billion per month or so to buy US debt. Let’s think about this for a minute. We have a debt problem. And according to our elected leaders, the way to address that debt problem is to fight over some $30 billion in spending at the exact same time that unelected leaders (the Fed) are printing three times that amount (at least that we know of) to buy MORE US debt. It’s bizarre, but it reveals the real power structure in the US’s “democracy.” To anyone who focuses on the numbers, not the noise, it’s obvious that Congress is just a grand distraction from the folks who really decide things AKA the Fed/ Banks. How else can you explain that EVERYTHING the Fed says to us (and Congress) is an outright lie and yet no one does anything about it? Inflation’s contained?

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