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The Cures for Baldness Around the Corner


It is a moment men dread: the barber asks if they want a haircut to help disguise their bald spot. For many men the fact they are thinning on top at all will come as a shock. They may have been aware of a gently growing expanse of forehead as their hairline recedes, but it is rather difficult to see on top of one’s head. And even if they had an honest spouse to forewarn them, few choose to believe it until confronted by their naked crown in a barber’s mirror. 

 It was like that for me. It was not until the age of 26, when I was asked by my barber if I used many styling products, that I realised how visible my scalp was from above. The rate at which my hair vanished after that was alarming, and I now consider myself firmly among the follicularly challenged members of society. I should have guessed it was going to happen – my grandfather was bald by his mid-twenties, and baldness has a strong hereditary element.

Yet medical science is now offering men ways of keeping their hair for longer – and perhaps even avoid going bald at all.

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