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Nathaniel Branden on the Atlas Shrugged Movie...

• DailyBell

Daily Bell: Please answer these questions as if readers were not aware of your famous books, your articles or frequently quoted opinions. Thanks for this follow up interview. To begin with, please remind viewers of your relationship to Ayn Rand.

Nathaniel Branden: My relationship with Ayn Rand went through different stages over the years. In the early stages it was like family with a lot of love and admiration. Later on when I created lectures and helped create the basic principals of objectivism, I was more like a partner, an intellectual partner, and a champion for her ideas in the world. Then on another level, which was after the publication of Atlas Shrugged, I was explaining what the world needed to understand about it and finally there was a relationship of lovers because we began an affair.

Then there was a serious problem with my falling in love with another woman and realizing I had been confusing admiration with love. I realized this was not the place I needed to be. She reacted to this quite violently and warned that she was going to destroy me.


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