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The Biblical Nature of Hoppean Monarchism

 Hans Hermann Hoppe has been widely recognized for stating the advantages of a traditional monarchy over that of what is essentially mob rule, that is, Democracy. While it is true that Hans Hoppe is not a monarchist but rather an anarcho-capitalist his insights into the frailties and destructive nature of Democracy are thorough and convincing. His brilliant work, Democracy: The God That Failed, is to date probably his best scholarly work on the subject.

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Comment by Ed Price
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All this is a bit irrelevant, considering that we, even with a popular vote for the presidency, do not live in a Democracy. We live in a Republic. And elections are handled that way. 

The highest position in Government, that of the President, is filled by the election done by the Electoral College... not by the popular vote of the people.

Of course, the members of the Electoral College get their positions in office, in one way or another, by the vote of the people. But it is all indirect. The result is that there is a different kind of mob rule than is often thought.

The opponents of FREEDOM for the masses have realized the above. They have gone to the 2 areas where they might obtain control... and they have used them very effectively. These are:
1. Create and control the political parties, and;
2. Control the voting machines and the vote counting mechanism.

The result is that we have mob rule. But it is not Democracy mob rule. It is Mob mob rule... by a far bigger Mob than the Mafia... the Bilderberg group.

What can we do? The first thing is to infiltrate the polling places like the Mob has done. Only do it to force those running the voting machine, and counting the vote, to do it all accurately, according to law, 100%, something that they often do not do.

The second is to use smaller political parties to run platforms like:
Get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank;
Get rid of income taxes;
Full freedom from Big Pharma and the FDA;
Use Government to warn people about potential damage they might do in certain instances... never keep the people from doing anything;
Make punishment for harming people and damaging their property to be the only law of the land.


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