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Giving the EU the Boot


They can try to 'delay and pray' but the euro is running out of time ... As a doomsayer from the start, who has written several times on the subject, I have recently been reluctant to burden my readers with more jeremiads about the euro. 'Why is the euro in crisis? Because it was fundamentally flawed at its inception.' But fasten your seatbelts. Here I go again. My excuse is that this crisis keeps surprising the unwary. There is so much to say that I will have to have several bites. Before we can find solutions, which I will discuss at a later date, first the causes. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: The euro is in great shape! Just ask Brussels!

Free-Market Analysis: Roger Bootle, managing director of Capital Economics and economic adviser to Deloitte, is out with another article critical of the EU and the euro. The article itself is not part of a mainstream dominant social theme. In fact, it is important for the elite to keep the EU together and to maintain the solvency of the euro. However, the article is representative of a number of negative articles about the euro and

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