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Cop Trespasses, Arrests Woman for Taking Video

As Officer Mario Masic of the Rochester, New York, police demonstrates in the video below, it is no longer safe to shoot video on your own property in America.
It is entirely legal to stand on your own front yard and photograph the police or anybody else in a public street.

But if the police think you’re “anti-cop,” they’re going to violate your rights and arrest you. Masic considered Emily Good’s iPhone recording a threatening act opposed to the authority of the police – as they searched a man for drugs outside of her home – and so he arrested her after demanding she go back insider her home and she refused, citing her property rights.


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Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Poetic justice. The middle class finally being treated like they have allowed the lower classes to be treated ( and even demanded) for years.

Comment by Ed Price
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If the PEOPLE force their local city and town governments to control the police force, you might see a lot of resignations in the police forces. People will need to start learning the law and arming themselves to take up where the police have left off.

This is the way it should be. Second Amendment rights were not set in place for nothing. Rights are to be used by the citizenry.

Comment by Ed Price
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Wake up, folks. It isn't some police officer that is the problem.

If the people behind the police departments - the police commissioner, mayor and the city council - firmly told the police officers that it was a felony to go on private property without clear violent action taking place, and the felony held a mandatory 6 months in jail and minimum $10,000 fine, would the police ever go onto someone's private property without justifiable cause?

So it's not the police that are the problem. It's the Government.

Get in there with your local propositions and voting, because if you don't, then YOU are the problem!

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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 How much longer are we going to take this shit from these brainless jack booted thugs with guns and badges? These bastards who have apparently signed an oath to protect the Constitution don't even know the first article of the Constitution is let alone what the Constitution is period. This SOB who arrested this woman needs to be beaten and thrown in jail himself. As a matter of fact I think all the jack booted thugs need to spend a year in jail as part of their training.

This is 1984 in the Twilight Zone on Steroids.

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