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Larken Rose Breaks Down Coercive Authority


I’ve always been a lover of books. And in trying to teach people the morality of freedom I usually try to push books on people. Unfortunately, this has almost universally been a failing tactic. People don’t have the reading skills or the patience to spend a couple of dozen hours learning about my point of view. Fortunately, with the advent of the internet and low-entry costs to video making, the Non-Aggression Principle can be spread far and wide to all audiences. One such person doing this is Larken Rose.

I think he’s got an excellent marketing tool for one of his books. He creates fun and easy to understand lessons in animation and uses them to segue into an advertisement. The lessons alone are extremely valuable, but for those interested in further study Larken pitches them a softball. Here is an example of what I am talking about. If you enjoy this video please share it with others.

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Just kidding dangerously …

Seth King who submitted this article to, must be kidding dangerously. Larken Rose’s violent mind that sows the seeds of rebellion, i.e. instigating the gullible and the ignorant in rage, to kill cops, politicians, or anyone connected with the Government or the State he hated so much – according to him to kill them is a matter of right -- [distorted belief of liberty and freedom to kill to redress grievances or to right a wrong] left the Authority no other choice but to be more VIGILANT and to be more COERCIVE. To say that Larken Rose had "broken down coercive authority" [and how did this happen (???)] must have been said by Larken Rose himself under an assumed name Seth King because nobody in his/her right mind would have said it but himself. The people can be fooled sometime, but I'm sure not all the time!

Comment by Anonymous
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Larken Rose Breaks Down Coercive Authority against criminals. This does not divert attention from the fact that he is a guru of violence specializing on how to incite people who break the law to shoot-it-out with the cops he hated more than his mother-in-law, and like that foolhardy ex-Marine Guerena who was involved in drug-trafficking -- Larken Rose's victim when he preaches his gospel of violence against authorities -- ends up dead.

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