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Lawmakers Pushed To Approve High-Tech Guard Tower For “Crowd Control”

US lawmakers yesterday witnessed a special demonstration of the Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower (MUST), an elevated monitoring tower that is set to be used by law enforcement in the United States as part of an emergency response to civil unrest.

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Comment by David Jackson
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    This thing is, indeed, ridiculous! but considering its "source", it is par for the course. As for the unfortunate "agents" who might be fprced to inhabit the contraption, if they don't know that they are mostly considered expenable by now, they are dimmer than imagined.

    Items of this ilk are the least of anyone's worries - aside from the mindset and expense that accompany their production; they are akin to uniforms: they are easy to identify and ultimately deal with.

    As for the Rambo-mentality that believes them to be breachable, who would waste the time on one? I marvel at the armchair commandos who believe they are going to be the new revolutinary hearoes of some obscure future national holiday celebration. If this country ever has another armed insurrection, it will be the endo of this country and the peasants WILL lose!

    I know there's a considerable number of nimrods out there who are disappointed that our natin hasn't broken into a shooting revolution. Fortunately, they are a pathetic group of wannabe warriors and intellectually-challanged misfits. they will die in the forst wave, if there is ever a shooting war between the citizens of the U.S. and the powers-that-be...

    Go buy a video game! 

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