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Herman Cain wins CPAC Florida straw poll; Rick Perry in second place


ORLANDO — Former Godfather Pizza CEO Herman Cain won the Presidency 5 straw poll here Saturday, delivering a blow to Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s frontrunner status and a victory for a candidate who has struggled to transform his grassroots popularity into strong showings in national polls.

“Tonight’s winner is Herman Cain,” Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced. “It shows you something, the road to the White House come through Florida, and it pays to spend time here.”

He received 37 percent of the more than 2,600 votes cast.

The two national frontrunners — Mr. Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney — placed second and third. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, meanwhile, landed in fourth place; Rep. Ron Paul of Texas landed in fifth place; and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, sixth. Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann finished last. (See the poll results here.)


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Comment by David Jackson
Entered on:

    Herman Cain? I don't know any more about him than anyone else...I'm resonably certain that his mother loved him - or, still does.

      That Mr. Cain won anything is proof that he had no competition. It isn't a "mandate" from a gaggle of retirees, who likely sold out in the 80s, anyway, who, themselves, know less about any other so-called candidate than they do about Mr. Cain.

      The entire episode is pretty pathetic. Just because "flipside" Democraps can't field a reasonable candidate isn't a reason to vote for "None of the above" in the personage of anyone with a little money and a bigger ego.

      The cold hard fact is that there isn't anyone attempting to run, in either party, who is worthy and able to "serve" anything but themselves and the special interests who ultimately run  this country and the world, let alone render the economic and social best-interest of the American people supreme. (I'm telling you, and I'm yelling you true, WE HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT, and we're not going to get it back!)

       Denial has been most of the problem for the last 40 years; now, it's a national psychosis. If there was ever a time to "make ready" for a severe and prolonged social upheaval, no is that time. (I'd tell you what you can do, but you wouldn't pay any more attention to me than you pay to your own "six sense" and better judgement. All I'll say is that you don't have to suffer as much as you might think and you can actually fair quite well; survive to see your kids grow up without being enslaved and without suffering great privation.)

      The best of luck to us all. Actually, we might just get lucky, since the "law of averages" should be on our side by now. As "luck" goes, we couldn't have it much worse.


Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

In order to vote in that thing, you had to pay a bribe of $175 to the war party of Florida.

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