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If I were President of the United States

As a nation, culture, language and people, the United States plunges into a “Human Katrina.” We’ve got Muslim terrorists trying to blow us up.  We’ve got Mexicans colonizing us.  We’ve got millions of the world’s poorest immigrating to our shores legally and illegally. 

We’ve got an $8.6 trillion national debt larger than the debts of most of the world’s countries combined.  We’ve got congressmen and senators involved in mega lobbyists scandals of fraud and corruption.  We’re engaged in an endless and un-winnable war on the desert sands of Iraq.  We’ve got Katrina victims reeling day after day two years after that disaster. 

Last year, General Motors announced 30,000 jobs vanishing in two years.  With the loss of those jobs, hundreds of thousands of related jobs vanish for American workers.

According to ’60 Minutes’, we’ve got one million homeless children and over a million homeless people wondering the streets of America.  We’re spending $600 billion building a ‘democracy’ in Iraq while hundreds of our own hospitals in America bankrupted out of existence in the past few years.

While over one million high tech American workers can’t find jobs, our own government handed out one million H-1B, H-2B and L-1 visas to foreigners in the past decade. 

We’ve got 14 million unemployed Americans while our government allows one to two million illegal aliens crossing our borders annually.  Our working poor watch their jobs vanish and wages drop under immigration’s Katrina crashing onto our shores without end.  While 20 million illegal aliens tap into our schools, welfare systems, free lunches, hospitals, usurp our English language, defraud our tax system and bring us diseases, tension, unrest and horrific crime—our government does nothing.

Yet, people on both sides of the political aisle offer excuses, justification, reasons and denials instead of action.  Our own president refuses to abide by our U.S. Constitution.

If I were president of the United States, you would see immediate changes in favor of American citizens.  You would see immediate benefits to America.  You would see honesty, integrity and dynamic leadership that moves our country toward a peaceful and prosperous future.  In short, you would see common sense in action.

If I were president of the United States:

1.     I would gather the greatest economic minds together in the United States and create a plan for solving our $8.6 trillion national debt.  Since American taxpayers pay $400 million in interest on the debt daily, I would take the advice of those brilliant economists and work to stop the debt from growing and move to pay it off.  A sound money system is a sound country.

I would create a commission of the finest minds in American on how to cut out fraud and waste in government.  Reagan did it back in the 80s with the Grace Report, but never followed through.  I would follow through for maximum results for the American taxpayer.

2.     I would concentrate on assisting American citizens by making powerful executive decisions to stop insourcing, outsourcing and offshoring of American jobs.  I’d make sure our citizens are employed before people from other countries took those jobs.  I’d rescind all H1-B, H2-B and L-1 visas immediately and send those foreign workers back to their own countries.  I would support the American worker, period!  I wouldn’t make excuses and I wouldn’t denigrate my fellow Americans by telling them they won’t work the jobs.  I’d give 14 million unemployed Americans a chance to work their jobs at a living wage.

In other words, I would not allow corporations to govern America.

3.     I would enforce our immigration laws by locking up and prosecuting employers of illegal aliens.  I’d do it slowly and methodically.  I’d use my presidential power to create the greatest exodus of illegal aliens out of this country since Ike in 1954.   

For those jobs requiring farm work, I would create the ‘pink card’ that lasts for three months.  It would feature a finger print, picture ID and tax number.  If you break the law by forging it, you instantly go to prison and you will never be allowed to come back as a seasonal worker again.  If an employer doesn’t check it for authenticity, the employers is fined and locked up.

I would not allow guest workers to bring their kids. It’s not up to us to educate foreign children whatsoever.  It’s up to their countries of origin.

I would create a ten year moratorium on all immigration.  I understand that when the rate of immigration exceeds the rate of assimilation, it is a recipe for disintegration of our society.  At the end of five years, I would allow a maximum of 100,000 annually and only if that maintains a stable population.  They must speak English and no dual citizenship allowed. No more diversity visas and chain migration.

No amnesty now or ever for anyone breaking into America illegally. Go back home and come in the legal way, the American way.  After all, it’s our country and it is the most successful country in the world.

4.     I would mandate English as our national language.  Knowing that a single language is the most cohesive aspect of a country, I would require all TV, radio, newspapers and government documents to be in English. If immigrants didn’t like this 230 year ‘aspect’ of America, they would be free to return to their own countries of origin.  There would be no, “Push ‘1’ for Spanish and ‘2’ for English and ‘3’ for Arabic.”

5.     Instead of spending billions building Iraq, I’d move men, money, machinery, materials and supplies to rebuild New Orleans.  If experts found it feasible to rebuild levees to withstand a category five storm, I would use American labor to bring back the people of our national treasure of New Orleans. If rebuilding New Orleans wasn’t feasible, I’d work toward the most common sense solutions. 

Additionally, I would spend money building schools, infrastructure, roads and hospitals in my country for my fellow citizens—not foreign countries.

6.     I would use the office of the president to ban professional lobbyist from corrupting our Congress.  There would be no more pernicious Jack Abramoff lobbyists of any kind.  Our senators and House members would represent American taxpayers and not corporate interests.

7.     I would promote the greatest minds for creating the fairest tax system in the world.  Perhaps a consumption tax on products!  I would stop all pork barrel spending such as $200 million bridges to 100 person communities on islands in Alaska by Senator Ted Stevens.  I would stop all subsidies for tobacco, alcohol or other kinds of unneeded and unwarranted products and non-production.

8.     I would move to maintain closed and protected high school campuses where education became top priority over the rights of punks, drug dealers and bullies.  I would entertain separate all boys and girls schools for maximum educational results.

9.     I would end the useless 35 year and $500 billion “War on Drugs” that has yielded zero results.  The DEA exists to exist.  I would bring in the finest in law enforcement together with top experts to create a new plan.  Perhaps we may need to legalize illegal drugs and administer them to addicts in specific settings much like in Europe.  We may do the same with marijuana as we did with alcohol. We need to return to personal responsibility.  We need to change drug use from a crime to a medical problem that can be treated.

10. I would promote term limitation of senators and Congressmen to a maximum of 10 to 15 years.  That would allow experience and wisdom to prevail while cutting out corruption, cronyism and stagnation in government.  We need fresh minds running our country—not stogy old men and women. We need 21st century ideas from new political thinkers.  As it is, we have a bunch of old men holding the reigns of power long after they’re best years.  It’s obvious they are doing a horrible job with the war, our debt, immigration, border security and many other problems.

11. I would stop the abuse of the 14th Amendment.  I would stop instant citizenship for any child born in the United States by an illegal alien parent.  The child and mother would be sent back to their home country and not allowed any services whatsoever in America.

12. I would change the drunk driving laws to stop the 22,000 alcohol related deaths in America each year.  For anyone caught drinking or stoned and driving, I would institute a mandatory two year loss of license and impoundment of any car whether owned or borrowed for two years.  Owner would have to pay all impound and storage fees as well as severe insurance rates for any convicted drunk drivers. Taking away their cars takes away their ability to kill on our highways.

13. I would end foreign aid other than humanitarian because I know that such money goes into the hands of those in power and never reaches the poor people of an intended country.

14. I would take our 37,000 troops out of South Korea and place them on our southern and northern borders along with multiple surveillance drones to stop any and all illegal migration into the United States. A country without secure borders is not a country.  It’s a victim. 

15. I wouldn’t have falsified or hired anyone who would have falsified anything about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  That lie has killed thousands of people for nothing more than the lie itself.  I would withdraw from Iraq within a three month time table.  Iraq has its own country and its own people that don’t need the United States to show them how to live or govern.  Iraq is 10,000 miles away from us and has absolutely zero bearing on our country.  I would stop trying to ‘rebuild’ their country and let them build their own country since they’ve been successful at it for over 2,000 years before we arrived.

This would allow our troops to come home to their families and loved ones. We accomplished nothing in Korea, Viet Nam or even Desert Storm. When all is said and done, we will have not changed anything in Iraq.  It’s not our responsibility to change every country in the world to our governance. 

September 11, 2001 wouldn’t have happened if we had taken care of our own borders with strict immigration controls in the first place.  If the people who dreamed up ‘proof’ of WMD in Iraq would guard our own borders with diligence and honesty, we would be more secure from terrorism today instead of the millions of angry Muslims who hate us as the Great Satan—invading their country.

16. I would use money saved by not giving foreign aid, not carrying on foreign wars and not sponsoring military bases in dozens of countries around the world to institute a national health care system for America’s citizens.

        17. I would promote environmental, population, resource and sustainability plans for the future of this country.  What is the optimal sustainable human population load for the USA?  There is a limit to how far our population can grow.  We must address that reality and soon!  I would create a “National Population Policy.”

              I would spend billions for research on alternative energy to free us from foreign oil.   We cannot keep thinking that the solutions in the 20th century will solve our problems in the 21st century.  They will not.  We must find solutions that work for the future of all humanity.  We stop fossil fuel burning as soon as possible.  We must stop global warming as soon as possible. We must stop massive species extinction as soon as possible.  We must balance our population inside the carrying capacity of our nation and the planet in order to bring about a  sustainable society into the future. 

 18.  I would create a national 10 cent deposit recycling bill that covers every bottle, can and plastic container sold out of every store in America.     I would create a national paper recycling law that proved effective to the greatest use out of our resources again and again.  I would create a national junk law to clean up this country via incentives for recycling old cars, machinery, trailers and junk that spreads from one end of this country to the other.

 19. I would extricate the United States out of the United Nations.  It’s a waste of time and counter productive to US interests.

That’s for starters.  I’d run the presidency with common sense, rational thinking and reasonable planning.  If these 18 points were implemented immediately, this country would regain its footing and respect in the world community.  Above all, I would honor the United States Constitution and the sovereignty of our country so help me God.


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