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500 Days! It is the Democrat's War Now.

In 1994, the American people, being so enamored with decades of a Democratic Party controlled legislative branch threw the corrupt bastards out.

In 2006, the American people, being so enamored with twelve years of a Republican controlled legislative branch threw the corrupt bastards out.  Six years of Republican controlled executive and judicial branches equally contributed to their demise.  Worse for the Republicans, they campaigned to the nation for decades as the fiscally responsible, moral, uncorrupted politicians.  There is no illusion now.

There is no difference between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party.   They work together.  Protect one another.  The Washington Party works diligently to loot the populace, enrich their confidants and themselves, and make sure the system is rigged in their favor and the mechanisms to ensure the looting are well maintained at any and all costs.

This Friday (today) marks 500 days of Democrat rule in the federal legislative bodies.  500 days of control of where the money is spent.  500 days in which the people's representatives have diligently done their investigative duties . . . not.  I am pleased to report they have kept their word. 

As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have openly stated well before being sworn in to these offices -- but only after securing their majority at the polls -- there will be no impeachment proceedings; there will be no discontinuation or interference with the wars.   The explanation was simple, honest and direct: The Democrats wished to use the Republican corruption of the rule of law, the trampling of our civil liberties and disastrously failing wars to propel and secure their even greater election numbers in 2008.   Promises made, promises kept.

Of course this has cost the citizen a bit.  There has been no resistance to the Bush Administration whims and demands.  Indeed, the Democratic Party leadership has facilitated and enabled them running roughshod over any internal dissenting views.  There has been no relief from the police state the Neocons have wrought, perhaps because  those Neocons were self labeled Democrats, before becoming self labeled Republicans.  The Neocons realize there is not a lick of difference beyond the label.   And the Democratic Party does not mind inheriting either the tremendously increased spending (looting) levels and the enforcement mechanism that accompanies it.

As of today the official U.S. soldier body count in Iraq is nine short of 4,000, with two pending.  This does not include the accelerating killed of U.S soldiers in Afghanistan.  Nor those who died from wounds suffered in the war but dying elsewhere.  Nor the over 14,000 known maimed.  Nor those mentally destroyed, both organic or conscience.   Or their suffering families.  Nor the hundreds of thousands of dead and maimed and shell shocked Iraqis and Afghanis.  Or the 4 million displaced Iraqis.  Or the hundreds of billions of dollars squandered annually to keep oil prices high.

Maybe Pelosi and Reid could spend just one an hour of their life looking over the lives of those 1,172 U.S. soldiers they have destroyed in Iraq to ensure Democratic domination of the 2008 elections.  This does not include those killed in Afghanistan.   Nor those killed from our "coalition of the willing."  They had lives.  They had families.  They had friends.  They foolishly volunteered to risk their lives to DEFEND their nation from attacking enemies.  They had their lives squandered for the avarice of a petroleum-military industrial complex bent on global domination for profit. 

Quite a bit of blood on the hands of the Democrats in the past 500 days to ensure their re-election and enhancement of their power.  But then that is what offensive armies are all about.  Cannon fodder for expanding the reach of the empire until the costs of that reach outweigh the profits.  Then the empire contracts.  And it is payback time for the occupied.  I am afraid the populace of the empire never recovers its liberties until after the empire collapses ... and even then it is not only not guaranteed, but historically the populace is typically not well treated by other invaders.

It is the Democrat's war now.  They bought it.  I am guessing the best we can hope for is a Nixon withdrawal.  First elected on the promise to get us out of the Vietnam war, 'Tricky Dick' as he was fondly called, ran for re-election on a don't change horses in the middle of the expanding war campaign.  He got us out of Vietnam after five years in office.  Bankrupt.  50,000 dead.  Plenty more maimed.  Two million dead Vietnamese.  American credibility, both political and military destroyed.  A dozen years to recover. 

Our future is not bright.
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Comment by Christine
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Well stated! Both of those political parties are the parties of warfare. They simply keep the "feud" going while all the while knowing neither will change what both accept: empire building.

Comment by 4409
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lol..you just bitch slapped the entire democrat party. You are so on the money!