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F the Fed: Protest the Federal Reserve April Fool's Day

One of the things Ron Paul and Aaron Russo have done is expose the Federal Reserve for what it is: A rip-off conducted with the approval and conniving of the federal government.  More young people are aware of who and what the Federal Reserve is than probably their parents.

There is a spontaneous protest planned in those cities with Federal Reserves and their branches on April 1st, April Fool's Day.  Beautiful.  If anyone is a fool it is the American public who has been getting fleeced by a few rich families under the Federal Reserve scheme since 1913.

What is the Federal Reserve?

A PRIVATE organization made up of the wealthiest banking families in the WORLD, who manipulate the currency markets, print U.S. Federal Reserve notes which are purchased by our Treasury at a 2% interest rate and re-distributed by our Treasury circumventing our Constitution's absolute prohibition of the federal government printing money.  The notes are not backed by anything (like gold) other than perceived worth (value). This is FIAT currency.










The Federal Reserve was created ostensibly to prevent inflationary cycles and bank runs.  In reality they have inflated the currency to almost nothingness steadily since its inception in 1913.  They manipulated the marketplace to bring about the Great Depression.  This led to dramatic powers being conferred onto the federal government to "save" the nation from a economic disaster essentially of its own making.  Deliberately? 

Here we are in 2008, with the U.S. dollar collapsing from bad loans (This is electronic printing of money -- money that the banks did not have was "loaned" to the home buyer on a promise to pay it back with interest.).  More "money" equals inflation.  Easy loans equal bad risks.   The bad risks are walking away from homes built with money already expended leaving the lenders and eventually the Federal Reserve with properties no one can afford that are falling in "value," and must be maintained to hold some value at a cost. 

The federal government's response is to shore up your dollar's worth?  No. 

The Federal Reserve's response is to shore up your dollars worth?  No.  Along with the federal government the response is to let the dollar collapse and force the taxpayer to bail out the bad loan vendors.  The wealthy family bad loan vendors.  Hence Bear Sterns being bought up for a $2 a share song by JP Morgan (one of the Federal Reserve founders).  Hence hundreds of billions of dollars being printed up and made available to major lending banks (investment banks) to meet payroll. 
As of today new, vast sweeping powers not just over the currency but private businesses (i.e., fascism ) for the Federal Reserve were proposed by the U.S. Treasury dept. -- and we are assured this list of increased powers was in the works for over a year.
As of today new, vast sweeping powers not just over the currency but private businesses (i.e., fascism ) for the Federal Reserve were proposed by the U.S. Treasury dept. -- and we are assured this list of increased powers was in the works for over a year.

So your savings and your paycheck is being eroded at an incredible pace so fat cats who made bad loans can force you to bail them out.  That is the Federal Reserve.  Don't like it?  It is too early, as a writer once lamented, to shoot the bastards.  But making a sign and protesting in front of your local Federal Reserve will make you feel better, and bring attention to an institution that for too long has been in need of a lynching.

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Here is the link to the report. PDF link is all the way to the bottom:


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And why stop at banks? There are plenty of other private businesses that could use a good nationalization...in fact all of them.

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One of Freedom Phoenix's editorial writers, Richardo Valezuela, had his family banks nationalized by the Mexican government. Perhaps he has an opinion as to the great economic success that followed that bank robbery.

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