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Trilateral Commission recent visit to my site

This is a visit from our most frequent visitor to our site,the Trilateral Commission. They come to our site dozens of times a day and this is just one of many numerous visit from them. Further Trialogue and other official writings made clear their stated goal of creating a “New International Economic Order.” President George H.W. Bush later and now Obama have talked openly about creating a “New World Order”, which has since become a synonymous phrase.

It is clear that the Executive Branch of the U.S. was literally hijacked in 1976 by members of the Trilateral Commission, upon the election of President Jimmy Carter and Vice-President Walter Mondale. This near-absolute domination, especially in the areas of trade, banking, economics and foreign policy, has continued unchallenged and unabated to the present.

Windfall profits have accrued to interests associated with the Trilateral Commission, but the effect of their “New International Economic Order” on the U.S. has been nothing less than devastating. (See America Plundered by the Global Elite for a more detailed analysis)

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I know it's possible to modify a website based on the visiting IP address.  Why don't you make an intro page especially for them?

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