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No Excuses, homelessness doesn't mean you give up on your dreams.

       My dream is to be a famous actor and writer. However, my biggest excuse at the moment is that I can't achieve those goals because I'm homeless. Yes, theres a lot of baggage not just from my false perceptions but also societal perceptions of homelessness which are quickly becoming obsolete considering the nature of the economy and the ever increasing availability of technology that allows for the homeless to remain somewhat within society while allowing them the freedom to travel across vast distances much like our ancestors once did.
      Occasionally I'll hear people say they homeless should feel shame for not renting or owning a home and should somehow remove themselves from the society so that the housed do not have to witness the unhoused. I'll avoid the philosophical discussion of housed guilt, and false preconceptions about the homeless which are in reality effects of the corrupt society we live in.
      No, this article is to give myself the much needed mental ass kicking to get me up off my butt and looking for solutions. Afterall, no house means I can travel anywhere, it'll just take me a little longer to get there because I lack a car. Rather than removing myself from society as many elitists would have me do, my situation can be used to compel me to meet new people who may ultimately benefit from my work in exchange for something as small as a meal or ultimately an opportunity to audition for some famous director.
      What about fear, and shame, and blah blah blah. Emotions are effects of perceptions. If I percieve myself as being worthless I'll naturally feel like garbage. However, if I change my perception the emotion will change, and when the emotion changes I can more easily discover a strategy that will allow me to overcome my very real problems.
    This is where most homeless get stuck, they have flawed strategies and overwhelming feelings that don't serve them in any healthy way. Often they become frozen due to excuses and then seek escape in drugs, alcohol, and other miserable forms of escapism. Add to it that homeless are on the lowest rung of society and there are many unwritten rules in society which declare that the higher ups can treat homeless people any way they choose, and if your a cop the homeless become the easiest of prey.
      So what strategies can people in my situation adopt to get out of the situation? First of all hygene is a neccessity. Find a way to shower at least every other day, a gym membership will come in handy if you can scrape up the money to get one. Also, clean clothes are a must, again every nickel puts you closer to a load of clean clothes. Secondly, go where you have the best chance of achieving your goal. Yes, you can do anything anywhere for the most part but some places are better than others.
      As far as food goes, there's always soup kitchens, and if you have to get food stamps then do so. Remember to eat cheaply and healthily, don't eat like a pig or spend money on non essentials like candy, cookies, soda, and booze. Treat your body well so you'll have the energy to work through this and achieve your goals.
      If you are able to get access to a cellphone or a laptop then you'll be far ahead of the game compared to most homeless people. I can't stress enough the need for one or the other in order to look for work, meet people in your area, find places to sleep, educate yourself, and  stay in contact with people.
      I'm a firm believer in community. Remember that despite how anxious or scared you might be about your situation there are thousands in teh same boat. If anything the situation should push you towards meeting new people. Who knows, the next person you talk to may buy you a meal or point you to where you can find a job, and yes there are thousands of homeless with jobs.
      I'll end with this. I have no excuses. I have a choice, to do or don't, there is no try. Self-discipline, and a hunger for your goal can help you crush any barrier that stands in your way. The time is NOW! NO MORE EXCUSES!

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Comment by foundZero
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OK buddy, let's team up. Let's get them and you through this. Fuck this rich man survival crap.


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In contrast to the guy in the airplane freaking out, Nick Brovo's storey tells a man taking personal responsibilty and more importantly, taking a positive track on life as we are about to know it.

 Nick is preaching good news. In comparitive terms. Fuck it Nick, hang in there bro, fuck this guy in Texas.

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Hi Nick, we've never met but this is a really good piece. Everybody has advice for the INVESTOR in these times, everybody tells us to buy agricultural land and grow food but what about the rest of us?

If I ever get a video cam, I was thinking about doing a series called "The Piss Poor Patriot". My pilot episode would be "Bucket Bath" where I demonstrate how you can have a nice hot bath out on the range. See what's amazing to guys like us is PEOPLE NEED TO BE TOLD THESE THINGS.

Anyways, hang in there. I'm sure your words will help save a life out there somewhere.