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UPDATED: Pearce National ID Bill Passes Out of Committee; C4L Prevented from Testifying

 Russell Pearce's national id bill passed out of the MAPS committee today with no protections for law abiding Arizonan's drivers license data.  The C4L was present to testify but was prevented from doing so.
This is extremely serious. 
Russell Pearce continues to maintain "it's not in there" when the plain language of the bill has it right in there.
If you do not want national ID, you need to contact your OWN state representatives right now and tell them to vote no on SB1070 due to it enabling the Motor Vehicle Department to provide law abiding Arizonan's private information to the Department of Homeland Security as stated in subsections E. E.1 and E2. in 11-1051
Here is the contact information for your state representatives:
The strike everything did NOT address the concern mentioned above.  It did nothing but address some technical issues.  They claim to have added some completely irrelevant protection prohibiting the state from participating in a mandatory federal national id program.  That doesn't address the concern which is that the state is VOLUNTARILY handing over the same data that the federal requirement attempted to take from the state by force.
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How Russell's Bill will Expand National ID


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In looking in ALIS it shows DPA-SE; do pass as amended - strike everything.  If they have struck everything, is it still empty, save the Bill Number, or have they then re-inserted the problematic text?  Where are we, exactly?